Gifted Benefits

It’s Free!

You heard us, free! Setting up a registry doesn’t cost you or your guests anything (well asides from the gift they’re getting you!) We are open and transparent on any service charges that may arise.

A Centralized Registry

Rather than having lists at different stores, we help you group all your lists in one place; nice and organized and easy to access. You can register for anything you want and have in included on your list. This also saves you guests from having to go store to store in order to decide what to get you. They can view your entire registry, decide what to get you and have it purchased at the click on a button.

It’s Easy to Set Up and Use

The process of setting up a registry or accessing it is super easy. We give you step by step instructions and are always happy to lend a hand if you need it.

Make it Yours

Your registry reflects you, so we have it set up so that you can personalize your registry page with a customized cover image and message.

100% Private

Your registry is private, only the people you invite to purchase will be given a password to your registry.

Editable and Flexible

You can edit and amend your registry to your heart’s content. We will only take your registry live when you are ready.

Send Your Thanks You’s

Once you receive your gifts, we also give you a full list of who purchased what, and a way to send them personalized thank you’s from within the system!

Safe and Secure

Your information and that of any guests using our system are safe, secure, and confidential. We use a reputed third party for processing all online transactions, which makes use of the all the necessary online protocols and safety encryptions.

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