Mommy Wellness


We specialise in the wellness of all women and mothers. We offer bespoke services for moms-to-be, first time mothers, mothers that handle five kids at a time and mothers that are grandmothers. At Mommy Wellness we have a passion for the well being of women and mothers, because a happy mommy is a happy family.  Our highest priority is to ensure that mothers are cared for and that they feel special and beautiful by trying our extensive range of beauty, holistic and wellness treatments. 

Our treatments are conducted by therapists that are highly qualified in skin care and prenatal treatments, and can offer advice and tailor each treatment to your individual needs. We invite you to experience our bespoke services to provide you with an overall feeling of wellbeing and relaxation.

In addition to our treatments, our services include:
1- Workshops
2- Hospital / Home Services
3- Baby Showers
4- Pamper Parties
5- Baby Massage 
6- Play Den

OPENING HOURS 9am - 9pm daily
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