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Studies have shown that lifelong eating habits are developed in the first few years of life. It’s unbelievable how limited our options are when it comes to feeding our children! Simply put, we could either spend hours cooking, or buy highly processed pre-packaged food that can sit on the shelf for two years before reaching our children’s tummies! To top it off, we all know how challenging it can be introducing new flavours to our children!

At Sprouting journey we believe that wholesome and nutritious meals made using the best of what mother nature has to offer, should be easily accessible to everyone.  Sprouting Journey is the first licensed company authorized to sell food for children 6 months & above. We are 100% transparent about our ingredients & cooking methods.

Our kitchen is Nut Free & uses NO Preservatives, Additives, or Added Sugars

All meals are cooked fresh using high-quality ingredients

All meals are approved by a certified nutritionist

All meals are delivered in temperature-controlled trucks


At SJ, we help make weaning your baby fun, easy, and informative. Immediately after cooking, we blast freeze our purée, locking in its vitamins and minerals without the need for preservatives. We provide nutritional facts for every meal so you know exactly what is nourishing their little bodies. Our purées come in packs of 4x3.5 ounce cubes.

Smooth 6+ Months

Textured 8+ Months

Chunky 10+ Months

Toddlers & Kids

At SJ, we understand that there are moments you wish to prepare a healthy quick meal but lack the time. We have handcrafted a flavourful variety of Fresh-Frozen packs that cater for different needs.  

LunchBox Catering

For parents who want a quick and easy 'grab & go' solution, we crafted a nutritionally balanced range of ready to serve snacks and meals. 

SJ caters LunchBoxes for events on a made to order basis

SJ caters LunchBoxes on a subscription basis to nurseries & schools

OPENING HOURS 9am - 7pm Sat - Thurs
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