Through each creation, Annada welcomes you to the world of romance, art, and beauty. With detailed design and artistry, each unique piece is a burst of color and life, giving you a classic statement piece. Artistic at its core, Annada create a stunning fusion of art and fashion wear, inspired by the fine artwork of the region and the colorful spirit that transpires through each brushstroke. True to the vision of Annada Founders, Annada brings to you a collection of elegance and innovation, sharing art with the world through each teal box.

Untie the ribbon, open the carefully packed box and discover timeless luxury with Annada. From delicate silk and leather, to fine wool and cashmere, our growing collection epitomizes versatility and sartorial grace. Find beauty in our collection and indulge in our many gifting options, spreading our passion from each artist to Annada, and from Annada to you.

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