Gravity Indoor Skydiving



Bold enough? Wanna do something different? Bahrain’s one and only indoor skydiving experience awaits you!

You can’t resist the incredible feeling of a freefall in one of the tallest wind tunnels in the world; with an overall height of 12 meters, constructed with tempered glass. 

Jump in just like you would from an aircraft, but without a parachute, and even without boarding an airplane in the first place! Everyone can enjoy this bodyflight experience, except for those reluctant to go on a life-changing adventure.  We can guarantee you the thrill of an extraordinary and unforgettable experience in a safe environment!

*Your experience will take approximately 90 minutes and will include: Registration, Gear (Flight Suit, Helmet, Safety Goggles, Shoes, Ear Plugs), Briefing, Flying Time and Flight Certificate.

*Your tunnel instructor may be male or female, our highly skilled instructors may have to physically guide you in the flight chamber. If this is something you would like to discuss please call 13100000.

OPENING HOURS Sun - Thurs: 12 - 9pm / Fri - Sat: 11am - 9pm
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