Let's Get "Tru Gifted"

April 11th, 2019

Let's Get "Tru Gifted"

So, summer’s rolling in …  and a lot of us adamantly/vaguely committed to getting fit and trim somewhere back in January. We’re hoping you stuck to it and hit up your workout of choice (in which case, view what’s to come as a reward), but no worries if you didn’t, we’re not judging (queue motivation)!

We figured the best way to celebrate (or motivate) achieving fitness goals was to focus on “feeling good” … which got us thinking … what could we pair fitness with to amplify that feel-good factor? Our answer was freebies!!

To deliver all that, we’re teaming up with a brand that’s all about fitness and that radiates feeling good.  Tru Active provides so much inspiration to get out there and move.  We love how their designs bring together traditional and cultural influences with bold and bright colors.  Their work out gear is made of stretchy, quick drying fabrics that blend function and style.  Tru Active delivers gear that stands up to a killer workout, and makes you look cute.  That’s right, we don’t want to be tugging at our pants while we squat nor adjusting bits and bobs on a treadmill, and yeah while we run, we wanna look good!!

So, in “Tru” Gifted style (did you catch that cuteness there?), we’re hooking you up with some fantastic freebies that will kick-start feeling good.  Follow and check our Instagram page for details on how to enter and win our competition*.  and for now, check out these two quick and easy to do anywhere work-out routines that will help uplift you and get you started on your way to achieving your fitness goals.

1. Lower Body 


2. Upper Body 


Love, Gifted

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