The Giving List

May 28th, 2019

The Giving List

It was really important for us at Gifted to come up with a way to give back to the community.  We wanted to do it in a style that was true to our brand, a way that combined charity with gift giving (they’re two sides of the same coin, really).  So, we came up with The Giving List, a registry designed to gift for a good cause.

Ramadan gave us the perfect opportunity to launch our first Giving List with two gift boxes.  The first box was designed for new moms in need, and was filled with baby essentials including diapers, baby wash, wipes, bibs, as well as a baby dish and cup set.  The second box was created to spread a little happy to children in need, and included a traditional sing-along book, playdough, a giant snakes and ladders, a bingo set, and a Melissa and Doug Water Wow book.  We wanted to make sure these charity packages carried the joy of gifting, so the boxes we used were custom designed to reflect that spirit of gift-giving.  After all, giving is gifting, whether to a charity or otherwise, and we believe it should look that way too.

We closed our first Giving List having received donations towards 50 new mom boxes and 25 children’s boxes.  The boxes were made possible by our brilliant partners Rock A Bye Baby, House of Uniform, Doe A Deer, and Quby, all of whom helped make the boxes a reality and by the beautiful generous spirits that contributed to The Giving List and to spreading some love to those in need.  We couldn’t have reached out to the families that needed it without the help of Mariam Al Saad Group which ensured each box was appropriately gifted to someone that needed it.

Every little bit click for kindness made such a difference!



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