The Baby Is Coming!

June 8th, 2019

The Baby Is Coming!

Ok, so there are dozens upon dozens of newborn “must have” and “nice to have” lists out there, trust us we’ve read most of them and you probably have too.

Our list is different.

It's different because it comes from the “Mommy Collective” .. what’s that you say? Well, we like to think of the Mommy Collective as an informal support group of moms that have been there, done that, tried it, and sometimes tossed it; all the while balancing one or all of the following (in no specific order):

1. New baby

2. Baby’s siblings

3. Hubby

4. Work

5. Extended family

6. Social calendar

7. Children’s social calendar

8. Hubby (yes, he is listed twice for good reason)

9. The gym (who has the time, tell us who?!)

10. Etc etc .. (‘cause we just can’t list it all here)

But to get back to the point, our list is better because it comes from a whole bunch of these wonder women (yes, the Mommy Collective), who have been kind enough to give us their input and feedback on what is really important for your little bundle of joy, and what that cute little pooping machine can do without.

This list is a great starting point for establishing what you need/want on your baby registry.  Although we have our opinion (and the Mommy Collective’s) on which brands are best, we wanted our basic registry list to be just that – basic, simple, and straightforward! We wanted it to be able to stand the test of time, go beyond brands, or the latest mommy marketing ploys; and honestly there’s no one right answer, so go with whatever brand you like best, but just make sure you get these essentials.

The Gifted Baby Checklist



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