Make Your House A Home

September 5th, 2019

Make Your House A Home

So we’ve been on a blogging hiatus, let’s call it summer .. but it’s over, we’re back, we’re full of energy and topics to share!

We’re kicking it off with some thoughts on interior design (you get married, you make a home, right?) and you know what, it isn’t as easy as Pinterest makes it out to be!  There are those of us out there that have been dazzled by site after site of design inspiration only to be left in a muddle as to what design aesthetic to apply.. because honestly, the images for modern, contemporary and eclectic all look good!  Then there’s that tricky translation from vision board to reality... makes you want to have a design specialist on speed dial! 

We are not that kind of specialist, but here are some tips that we found useful:

1. Break It Down - not the house of course, just the rooms!  Whether you’re moving into a new home or just renovating interiors, it’s overwhelming to think of doing your whole house so approach it one room at a time, prioritizing the spaces you use most. 

2. Have Your Greens.  There’s nothing quite like greenery to breathe life into a space.  You don’t even have to have the greenest thumbs to make this work, there are so many varieties of plants that do well with the littlest care; Succulents, or options like Aloe Vera, or “Mother In Law’s Tongue” (hey we didn’t name it!) are happy to do their thing with minimal attention.

3. Dress the Walls Up.  There are so many ways to do this.  You can create a statement wall with accent wallpaper, or a bold paint colour, or paneling.  You can create a gallery wall of family photos or hang up artwork or mirrors (think about what they will reflect!).  For the commitment-phobes out there, the great thing about this tip is that its all relatively easy to change if you decide you want to later on down the line.  

4. Light It Up.  Think about creating layers with your lighting.  Overhead (ambient) lighting can be paired with task lighting (like spotlights), and accent lighting (such as table lamps or candles).  Also give thought to the natural light in the room and how that plays against your lighting scheme.

5. Don’t Race to Finish.  If you can take your time decorating a space, then do so! Get to know how you actually use the space, this may change so give yourself time to get it right.  Once you get your essentials in, its lovely to be able to add personality to the space over time, a collectible from a recent vacation or photos of loved ones from a recent gathering.

6. Make It Yours.  No matter what the latest design blogs are saying, go with interiors and decorating options that make you happy to be home, that speak to your ideas of comfort and style.  Let your personality shine through in the knick-knacks and mementos you place around your home.

Stay inspired by browsing house and home websites, but also allow your space to develop and change with you; life happens, we are all a work in progress, and that should be reflected in your home.



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