Ring in the New Year!

January 2nd, 2020

Ring in the New Year!

2020 seems bigger than big, maybe it’s those duplicate double digits doing it, or maybe its because we’re ringing in a new decade.  In any case, it’s a brand new spanking clean page to kick off the year (the optimist in us can’t help getting excited about the freshness of it all), and definitely a cause for celebration; doubly so for us because it also marks a year of Gifted being in business.

What a year it’s been!

We know a lot of you take time out to reflect over the past year and set goals for the coming one, and we decided to apply that to Gifted; to take stock of where we stand and more importantly where we want to go So, here’s a little of what’s kept us busy in 2019 (super-secret 2020 goals to be disclosed at a later date):

1. Partnerships – we worked hard to seal relationships with partner stores we trust and love.  Today, we have over 40 affiliations that we’re super proud to be working with.  This means over 40 shopping destinations for every registry created. 

2. Seasonal Specials – we bookmarked all the major Hallmark occasions, from Christmas to Valentine’s Day, to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and set up special registries and gift buyer options to make gift giving easier for you.  We learned a lot through this process, and we’re excited to venture into 2020 with those lessons learned.

3. Curated Lists – we hosted 2 feature registries, the Eid Countdown Box and the Happy Self Journal, both of which completely sold out, yay us!  We can’t wait to do more of these, there’s something special about registries that feature that one unique gift. 

4. Give Back Moments – we’re super proud of this one.  Last year we developed the Giving List, a way to give back to the community by combining charity and gift giving.  Two boxes went out; the first designed to give moms in need all the baby essentials they would require to welcome their little one into the world.  The second to spread a little happiness to children in need through a custom selection of educational and fun gifts.  In total over 50 boxes of love and giving were sent through the Mariam Al Saad Group.  For that, we thank you!

It’s fun to look back before we dive into 2020, and although we could go on, it’s the New Year and you’re probably all still busy celebrating so we’re going to take a moment to do the same.  Thank you for being with us along the way in 2019, we sincerely appreciate all the love and support we’ve gotten.

Here’s to a fantastic new year for us all!

Much Love,


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