The Season of Love

February 8th, 2020

The Season of Love

We know the feeling, Valentine’s Day has been marked on your calendar forever, and then suddenly its right around the corner; pinks, reds, and hearts have exploded, well, everywhere... and you’re still giftless.  To add to it, you’re possibly dealing with work deadlines, or kid demands, or some other life pressures that mean you’re too busy to (or hey you’d just rather not) traipse around the malls to find an appropriate gift!  We know the temptation at this point is to find the nearest chocolate shop or florist, and while that’s fine we also want you to consider this solution – let us handle it!

Its our job to reduce that last-minute buyer panic, and to answer the “what’s a good valentine’s day gift?” queries.  Instead of you rushing between stores to see what’s available, then comparing items (or worse settling for the first thing you see), and prices, and specs; we will be your personal shopper.  We’ll listen to what you have in mind, we’ll ask the right questions to help us research options, and we’ll send you photos, so you know exactly what you’re getting.  That leaves you to simply select what you like, click to pay and then wait to receive your gift delivery.

You’ve been Gifted, in budget and on time.

To make use of our gift buyer services, simply click on this link and complete the short form.  We hear you, “I have to fill a form?!” but trust us the 30 seconds it takes to do this helps us narrow our search and ensure we find something that suits your occasion and style of gifting.  Once you’ve sent that form our buyers will get right in touch with options and suggestions to consider and you’ll be that much closer to gifting your loved one.

Go on, start the season of love with a little self-love, and let us help you get Gifted.



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