He Put A Ring On It!

March 3rd, 2019

He Put A Ring On It!

The sparkler is on your finger, your family and friends have heard the news, it’s all about celebrating you! Speaking of which, one of the first celebrations is likely to be your bridal shower.  A bridal shower is such a fun-filled occasion, it’s all about you and your besties celebrating a milestone moment, but more practically it’s also a chance for your friends to shower you as bride to be with gifts to kick start the road to marriage. 

Key point: don’t confuse a bridal registry with a wedding registry; yes, there can be an overlap, but honestly, we suggest you don’t! A wedding registry is a great way to select items dedicated to establishing your future home, a bridal registry is its cheekier little sister.  Here are some suggestions for great bridal shower registry options that may not have crossed your mind:

1. Travel Bits n Bobs – We had to create a category for all the great travel gift options that could go on your bridal registry.  Some suggestions include matchy-matchy passport covers, personalized luggage tags, or a fancy set of suitcases, or all three!  Not only are they practical gifts, they’re also a reminder that honeymoon bliss is around the corner!

2. Personalized Cake Knife – we love this gift idea, its something you will use on your wedding day and treasure always.  Select an elegant, polished-looking knife, engrave both your initials and the date of your wedding.

3. Stylish PJs or Robe – most bridal showers include a whole lot of lingerie being gifted, which is great, we hope you make good use of it! But, we also recommend that you include some comfy yet stylish good ol’ pjs on your list too.  So, yes, you should probably leave your current well-loved, but not so nice to see, pjs behind.  Another option would be a silk or satin robe to elevate your bedroom glam whilst maintaining the comfort factor.

4. Cookbooks – by no means are we sending you off to the kitchens (unless you want to!).  The idea here is to get cookbooks that make your date night dinners together that much better, and perhaps you can cook together too.  This pairs well with a personalized chopping board or dinner set.

5. Breakfast in Bed – Lazy weekends equal breakfast in bed! A breakfast tray, paired with matching coffee cups or breakfast bowls makes a lovely addition to any registry.

6. A Beach Vacation – Planning a beach-based honeymoon? Ensure your registry has a stylish beach bag stocked with beach essentials like coverups, sunglasses, a floppy hat, and if you don’t have one (gasp!) a kindle.

7. Travel Jewellery Case – Your accessories and bling need to get from their current location to your honeymoon destination in one easy to pack option.

8. Incense or Aromatherapy Set – Set the mood with your favourite incense or aromatherapy essential oils.  Consider registering for a stylish burner that can double up as a decorative ware.  Not a big fan of oils, opt for perfumed candles.

9. His and Hers Keychains – Awww! We know, how cute is it to have complimentary key chains for your new home?!  We suggest you select a timeless and stylish keychain that keeps as opposed to something gimmicky, there’s nothing quite like those first set of keys.

10. Pre-Wedding Beauty – Register for some TLC at your favourite spa or salon.  Get your gorgeous on by selecting hair and skin treatments designed to get you looking your best for your big day.  Alternatively, book some time to unwind or calm your pre-wedding jitters with a therapeutic spa session.

There are so many more options to consider when setting your bridal registry, but this list is a great starting point.  We’re fairly certain there’s something that suits just about every bride to be.



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